Weymouth Swimming Club Obituaries

February 2017 has been a very sad month especially for those who have a long association with the Weymouth Swimming Club.

Paddy White passed away peacefully on 14th February after suffering from heart failure for some time. Some may remember Paddy Firstly as a Teacher, then for a spell in the 90’s as Chief Coach. Her talents were not only confined to the poolside, Paddy was a long established Master swimmer with the Club. Norman, her husband and daughter Sandra also swam and taught with the Club. Until July last year, son Steve was the Club’s Chief Coach as well as being a competitive swimmer for many years. Paddy is re-united with Pam their elder daughter who sadly died in April 2000.

The Club would like to express sincere condolences to them all. The White family have had a connection with the Club for many years and Ryan is continuing that tradition as a competitive swimmer.

Joan Morris sadly passed away on 7th February after suffering a fall and hip replacement operation at the ripe old age of 98 years. Joan was the widow of Dennis Morris, who was the Club President until August 2000 and both of their contributions to the Club cannot be overstated. Joan was a Life Member of the Club and was a long standing teacher for swimmers in the sea and in the pool. Joan was a Master swimmer into her seventies and continued to be active with that group on poolside once she no longer entered the water.

Julian Quick who died at the tender age of 28 years at the beginning of the month was known as a prominent rugby player in the town. Until his early teens, Julian was also a member of the Weymouth Swimming Club. Diane, his mother was Chief Coach at one time and also swam with the Masters group.

Our thoughts are with all of the families at this difficult time.